Wednesday, September 7, 2011

makeover!! :D

well...whatd'ya think? :)
personally, i think it looks FAN-tabulous. its just what i was going for! simple, but pi-zazzed :)  well i like it. whatd'you all think? better then the last one? worse? do tell.
but now that thats outta the way....
today i was asked to write a paper on someone i admire. thinking this would be easy, i looked at the clock and figured i would be finished real quick....
so many people came to my mind! my three older sister, my dad and mom....Nastia Luiken, some friends i even look up to. (even some bloggers!) 
point is, there are a lot of people i look up too. but being ligitamite, (my friends new word :) who do i look up to the most? who's the first person i turn to?
i wish i could say Jesus.
when i was asked the question, sure a lot of people came to mind, but when i was about half way through....
"oh yea. Jesus..."
how low can i get? shouldnt Jesus be the first i turn too?!
yes. yes he should.
but, apparently not in my world. i felt so....icky! so nasty! immediately i prayed but it didnt exactly fix it.....
so Jesus. Jesus is the answer to everything. (yes yes, i know people say "7")
but hear me out on this. its Jesus!
sure theres things like, "should i wear black or white?!"
uhh, no. :)  but you know what i mean?  Jesus. the answer to it all :)
just a brief eppiphany ;)

and some pretty flowers.... ;)


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