Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i . am . super . excited ...
i know. let it sink in.
lol :)  alright, its probably not making you guys flip out like i did, but its still awesome isn't it? :)  shes one of my closest friends and maybe the last person you'd see become a Christian. happened.
from her becoming a follower, i was jazzed. and after i practically had a seizure, i got to thinking. if God can fix something like Brooke, (you know what i mean. the whole not-thought-to-be-a-christian thing)  then he can do anything. i mean, ive always known he could before, but...
"and looking upon them, with men this is impossible.  but with God, all things are possible"  -Matt. 19:26
now i feel like i need to  cool how one amazing thing God did can change someones life, isnt it? :)   but anywho, now i know for sure. All things are possible with God. and that includes me. now im sure.
are you?
ta-ta for now! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

what to do, what to do

ok. so this morning i woke up right? did the usual routine...brush teeth, eat some honey nut cheerios, check email, and be bored.  and while i was doing the "bored" part, i had an appiffany.
wait, you know what an appiffany is? a sudden realization. which i had during my "bored" time.
:) ok, so now that we know my strange words of mystery, let me fill you  in...
whoa. just blew your mind, right? ;)
and ya know what? i dunno about you guys, but i am TOTALLY wasting it. i mean its SUMMER. the time to NOT be bored. time to spend time with God, learn stuff you didnt know before, or
(or eat a blue slushi while reading the Harry Potter series for the jillionth time. ;)
but you know what i mean?  if anyone wants to comment, say something you have (or want) to do this summer. i'll go first. im trying to contact Justin Bieber for my best friend as a b-day surprise. :) i know it sounds far-fetched, but it can keep you busy if you really try. :)
 your turn.
ta-ta for now. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

content. that word that know one knows, but everyone needs.

content: desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.
voila, there is thy definition.
i stumbled across this word on Emii's blog, girlz4god, who saw it on Talia's blog, girlzofgod. (check these out right over there!!! i totally encourage it, there amazing. ----> )  both there post were so awesome, and genuine, i thought of making one myself.
  we all need to be content. with everything.  the opposite of being content is selfish, and who wants that? definitely not our beloved Jesus, right?  Paul knew exactly what God was talking about. don't want more then you have, because you should be grateful for what you have. now that doesnt mean you cant have seconds at the church banquet or something. but it does mean letting that lady with the cane and the three year old with the ribbon gets theres first, ya know? or at least in my opinion. if you cant grasp content, just try not being selfish.
ok. i know what your thinking. "yes hannah, cause your perfect. NEVER selfish."  but trust me. i am SO selfish. i dont wanna admit it, cant hide the truth. ;)
so try not being selfish. try one little thing at a time. like letting your brother or sister have the last cherry popsicle. or let someone else have the front seat. (without complaint)   its not gonna happen over night, (trust me, ive been trying this for-ever) but with a little faith, some acts of kindness and a lot of God-time...we got this. ;)  
be content. God will smile. i promise. :)
ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh goshbubbles...

ok, so i went blog-surfing awhile ago, and i was like...oh.snap.   i found all these really cool blogs right?
  then i compared them to mine.
*cricket. cricket.*
so. therefore, before we get all into this soon-to-be-jazzed-up-blog, i would like to ask you guys a favor.
could you guys gimme some tips on this whole blogging buisness? not on post or anything, (unless you want to. i'm all ears for suggestions!)  cause i think i got that sit-tiation covered, but like for design and things?  i think we all know this blog needs some jazzing up.
oh. and if your wondering where "oh goshbubbles" came from, let me tell you two things.
1. i am...different. ;)
2. Cupcake Dictionary.
you do the rest. ;)
ta-ta for now!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hola :)

hi, hannah here, and welcome to my first ever blog. (don't you feel special? ;)   and since this is my first post, i'm gonna start it off with stuff you guys may wanna know about how it'll probably work. like when, what, how, why, where, blahblahblah. so. without further ado...
When-  i'll probably post 2 to 3 times a week. (depending on if i can figure out how. but hey, i've made it this far, havent i? ;)
what- i'll probably post about lots of things, Jesus, (my main man)  me, the world, ice-cream...who knows. i like to jazz things up.
how- i'm not sure what i'm suppose to put for how...
why- basically cause i've read other peoples blogs and it looked really fun. plus, i wanna try and make a difference, ya know?
where- well your already here, aren't you? ;)
if you guys wanna know stuff about me, check out my profile. i hope my first post wasn't a complete disgrace to all you perfessional bloggers out there. :) feel free to drop a comment. :)
ta-ta for now! ;)