Monday, June 27, 2011

what to do, what to do

ok. so this morning i woke up right? did the usual routine...brush teeth, eat some honey nut cheerios, check email, and be bored.  and while i was doing the "bored" part, i had an appiffany.
wait, you know what an appiffany is? a sudden realization. which i had during my "bored" time.
:) ok, so now that we know my strange words of mystery, let me fill you  in...
whoa. just blew your mind, right? ;)
and ya know what? i dunno about you guys, but i am TOTALLY wasting it. i mean its SUMMER. the time to NOT be bored. time to spend time with God, learn stuff you didnt know before, or
(or eat a blue slushi while reading the Harry Potter series for the jillionth time. ;)
but you know what i mean?  if anyone wants to comment, say something you have (or want) to do this summer. i'll go first. im trying to contact Justin Bieber for my best friend as a b-day surprise. :) i know it sounds far-fetched, but it can keep you busy if you really try. :)
 your turn.
ta-ta for now. :)

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