Tuesday, August 30, 2011

does a diary count?

welp, as usual, i was having no life and was on the computer forever today. which is pretty stupid. i mean, i only get two days off  of gymnastics.
foolish child i am.....
but, anyways, cant change the past, but i can fix the future, right?
so, moving lovingly along...
hannah was sad today :/  and she doesnt take to being sad quite easily :/  wanna hear my sad tale?
well your gonna hear it anyway.
so, as some may know, i have a most "lovely" dress-code at school. khaki pants, or black slacks.
polo shirt, white, black, crimson, or orange.
so, when we do get some freedom, (like today)  its very pressuring. i mean, ya gotta look at least a little jazzed up, right?
so yea. the reason for this, was because it was picture day!
picture days....ok. i guess. but my pictures are never to my standards. i know everyone says that.....but sometimes, ya gotta just face the facts. sometimes your common. but thats ok. (as long as its only on occasion....)
so yea. then i went to first period science. my least favoite :/  we had a sub today, and she was fierce.  im talkin scare-eeeeeee.
but i understand. maybe she just hadda bad day.......?
next i had band. which is always fun :)  i currently play the flute, but am hoping to switch to low brass. much amazing-er :)
3rd period history...fav class :)  but pretty boring today.
8th grade language arts?  more like third grade. my teachers nice, but.....i think she'd be better off a 3rd grade teacher. :/

LUNCH! eeps! my fav. all my friends are there! yays :)  teasing about a CERTAIN PERSON I MAY HAVE NOTICED occurs quite a bit, but.............. yea.
dont judge me.
the rest is just blahblahs....(which i guess everything else was too.....sorries)

sorry that was pretty boring. but i had nothing to post with my boring 8th grade life :/ 
what about you all? how was YOUR school day? fab? or....not fab.......(AKA mine)
ta-ta ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


take a risk
take a chance.
make a change, and

i love this song. see those words? its like someone stole my mind or something....
have you ever felt like this? that you could do something amazing, if only you stepped outta the darkness, and into the light? or that whenever your trying to speak out, you feel like no one can hear you? no matter how hard you try....
i feel like this a lot. ecspecially with a house of nine people. but even if your an only child, you still feel this way. i dunno what situation your in right now. who your family is, or how your treated. but if you ever feel like breakingaway, listen to the first lyric. last word.
if you pray, and its an honest prayer thats truly in need, it'll be answered. and things'll get better.
you can do big things. you just got step outta the darkness, and into the light,

take a risk.
take a chance.
make a change.
and breakaway

Friday, August 26, 2011

your turn ;)

ok, so this week i decided we needs some changes. so, i have a couple questions.
1.) how do you let other people guest post?
2.) more post, better post.
3.) suggestions?

sorry for the so-short post. i've just been in deeeeep thought.
scary, huh?
so yea.
PLEASE suggest  what to post about and stuff. i need help ;)
welp- ta-ta!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

my sincerest apologies....

hey guys :/  sorry i havent really posted. you know. with school and such. also, im currently outta state to visti my granpa...
so yea.....
but, to let you know im alive......
taaa daaaaaa.....
wow this is akward......
ta-ta ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


hey gal-pals. tiz me :)  before i gets into this hopefully liked post, i wanna say thanks to everyone who went and followed allison and i's blog :) made me feel all special-rific, and i do SO like feeling special-rific :)
anyways. on to the post.
this post is kinda weird, but so am i, so it should fit in, aye? ;)
this post is about the color GREEN. 
yes. GREEN.
i chose this color in "particular" for JesusChick, because i know its her favorite color, (cause im a ninja like that.) so i decided to do a whole post about
lets see....things that are wonderfully green....
grass is green!

i like grass because it tickles your feet. and, as we all know, fairy's keep grass this lovely green,

what else about green that i like, is that its fun to say. say it. greeeeeen. if you dont think about its meaning, it sounds weird! (greeeeeeen)
also, for those of you who remember Hey Arnold!, (man, i LOVED that show) one of the characters name's is Mr. Green.

he's a nice guy.
so yea.
hope you enjoyed this "green-friendly" post....

(haha. im so punny....)
ta-ta! ;) 


Monday, August 15, 2011


ok, so you all loved allison, right?!  and you all think im pretty ok too, right?! well, allison and i decided to do a blog TOGETHER. and its freckled AMAZING! seriously, i love it. and we've only done one post. you should totally come follow it. it'll be twice as sweet-awesome!  click here to check it out. (and hopefully follow? ;)
i garuntee it'll be awesome. :) me and allison have done projects together before, and there way cool :)  you'll totally love it. :)  so yea. please do as you pleasure young grasshoppers. ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


ok, so i posted my post, and i almost threw up in my mouth a little.
the post was WEAK sista.
i may be tired, but seriously? thats just sad.
so i came to post about Allison :)  because she posted this whole week and she deserves it :)
she's pretty cool.
no. just kidding.
she's AMAZING :)
some things about ally-son---
when i think of allison, i think of a lot of things. she has so many good qualities. but my favorite, would probably have to be her friendship.
allisons the kind of person who's with you through thick and thin. she always makes you feel good. even when you think you cant go on any longer. seriously. she throws parties, is very thoughtful of her friends, she always puts us before herself-its amazing! she just makes you feel special.
and i wanna thank her for that :)
another thing about allison, is that she's a good person. she's very sweet. she's polite, even if your a jerk to her. she's kind, and considerate, and i admire that :)
also, allison is one-if not THE-smartest person our age i have ever met. really! this girl is scary smart. its like she was born with a calculator instead of a rattle!  and, she's good at sharing it :) whenever my smarticle particles arent being happy, allsions the first person i think of :)  she wont give up on anyone. no matter how long it takes to get it. (trust me. she's helped me.)
in other words, thanks to this chick, i'm going into eigth grade. ;)
more about ally-son. this girl is FUNNY. she always makes me laugh, and everyone around her. her facial expressions about things make me wanna die laughing. i remember watching Disney Channel with her, and it was showing that "pass the plate" thing, and it was talking about a giant banana, (inside joke) i looked at her, and her face made me practically pee my pants!  the inside jokes we share-priceless.
she's hilarious!
 Allisons also very responsible, and trust worthy. i'd trust her with anything. she'd protect it if her life depended on it :)
Ally-son, ally-son, ally-son. :)  she's super kind :)  she never thinks of herself. she's so un-selfish! she let me have some of her grape-pop. (i was happy my finger didnt get taken off....)

but you know something else about allison? she's HUMBLE. :)  all this stuff....its written all over her. but she wont just tell you. she's SO humble. she never brags, and she hates talking about herself.

which is why she deserves this post :)
(and this turquoise penguin-)
love you girl (less then three)

ta-ta :)


sheesh, i might as well give my blog to Allison!
she was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
round of applause, please....
*claps loudly*
yay ally-sononononononon :)
she was seriously awesome though :)  you guys should check out her blog! shes a wicked awesome person. :)
so yea, im back :) obviously :)  but since schools starting, and new gymnastics schedule and all, i dont think i'll be posting as much :) here and there i guess, but thats all :) 
well.....we'll see :) maybe more :)
so now that amazing allisons gone, lets comment on our favorite thing about her amazing self :)
sorry this is short, but i'm SO tired from vaca :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

~ Guest Post~ My last guest post for a while!

Hey guys! Its Allisoon Its been fun blogging to you all week, but all fun things must come to an end at some point or else they would be normal! lol! Hopefulley i can come and post again soon, if you would want that.... Hannah is coming home today! She has been on vacation ALL week! We got our school scheudals, and i want us to have EVERY class together (unlike last year!) haha, well enough about me! Todays topic is (da dada daaaa) Friends!!

Whats a friend? A person who is nice? no. A person who buys you things? no! There are a million different definitions for a friend, but mine is a sister that destiny forgot to give you. I can count on my hands how many true friends i have. And no, im not going to list them. Whenever i hear from a friend, my spirits lift. Even in the worst moments they can make you feel better. With all the inside jokes, and games there are between you, its hard for others to even try to keep up! Your true friends will always be able to make you feel better, and keep it that way, even if they live a state or a country away.                                  "True friends are like stars, you cant always see then, but you know they're always there"

Didnt that picture make you smile? Whenever I get a text, or a message from your friend asking you "hey whats up?," it means the world to me that they are thinking about me, doesnt it you? I would like to thank my true friends for always making me smile (and i smile alot) You have a friend for a reason, why not emphisise it?

Well bye guys! I hope ill talk to you soon! Feel free to comment!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

~ Guest Post~ OMG! 50TH POST!

Hey guys!!! I just realized that I posted hannah's 50th post!!! da da dada!

Everybody needs to party! I remember when Hannah texted me and told me to look at this blog, I made one that day too but mine isnt very populair, and I dont post very much. But i love to post on hannahs blog! Hannah is still on vacation, and doesnt know that this happened, she will be very happy when she comes back, especially if everyone who reads this comments and says what they love most about her blog, that would make her day! So please do! I migh tnot be about to post tomorrow, im going out of town so im depending on you guys to comment!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~Guest Post~ Requested Post

Hey guys! Me again! MY day was awsome! My TOMS came and its like walking on a cloud!
    Well one of han ha's followers requested that i talk about Taylor Swift! Theres not exactly much that i know about here, even though she is my favorite singer (along with katy perry!). I know that she is always so nice to her fans. I love her hair too! If ther was any way that i could have her hair, it would be done by now. Did you know that after every consert she has a party that she calls a T-Party? She invites some of the audience members that catch her eye, so if you ever go to one be sure to dress fancey ;) When she was growing up, she acctually lived on a christmas tree farm! She even managed to teach herself to play gutair!! Thats impressive! See ya!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~Guest Post~ Todays topic is Persistance

Hey guys! Its Allison again! Hnnah asked me to post for the rest of the week to keep you entertained haha. I just got perhaps the greatest news of my life. I wanted to be in a competition class SO bad and i wasent asked. I didnt know what to do, and thought and throught. The only thing that i could come up with was that it wasent my time to do so. But i didnt let that stop me. I prayed with all of my heart that somehting good would come about this all, and came up with an idea after about a week.  I emailed the owner of the dance studio, i have been waiting for three days for a responce. Today i finally got it. It said that they would need to find me a partner, and if they do they would put me in!! I mean how hard would it be to find a younger girl that is good at dancing to be in a competition class?! not very right!!  This shows that with the right persistance, prayer, and quick thinking you can succeed. And i will now quote one of my fathers favorite songs " You cant always get what you want, but you might just get what you need". :) No matter what it is, you will do and get the right thing.

Random word of the day: Foot Undiez- Shoes used for the dance Lyrical
Random question of the day: In shows like phineas and ferb, wizards of waverly place, or any show of the sort, are each of the episodes suppost to be like the next day or a few days after, or as if the last episode never happened? Because if its every continuous day, their lifes can never be boring!
Comment and tell me what i should post about tomorrow!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

~Guest Post~ Check this out!- TOMS

Hey guys, I'm Allison. I'm only one of Hannah's besties. I met hannah in 6th grade when we had 7th grade math together (yup were smarties). Hannah is one of the best friends ever! She is so nice, and always is. I try to be as nice as her but you know.... doesnt work that way haha. I am swedish, can speak the language, and go there as often as possible. I dance . Im in competition tap and also do two other dances. I occasionaly am on swim team also :D well you know enough about me!
     But back to what i wanted to post about! There is this new sensation that is becoming populair, and acctually helps people that are less fortunate. They are these fancy little shoes called TOMS. I ordered mine a few days ago. they look like this (and yes i know they arent all fancy looking but ill explain)...

When you buy a pair of these shoes they also send a brand new pair of them to a child in need. They are EXTREAMLY comfortable perhaps the most comfortable shoes ever! They also have arch support, and are flexable. All you have to do is go to http://www.toms.com/ and look at the whole selection. They have a better descriptaion there too. All reviews of them are telling about how fantastic they are! So if you need a new pair of shoes for school, these would be my pick! (i got this exact pair but in gray)

     So after that i wanted to say, never get into a fight with eight 8 and 9 year olds, because they WILL win, and you will get hurt. Yesterday i went to a pool party with my little brother and learned this lesson. They were smacking me in the face with pool noodles (which doesnt sound like it would hurt but it does!) and they dragged me to the pool and pushed me in.... it hurt. it still hurts! lol! they also then jumped in after me and tackled me. thought i would add that ;)

Bye bye till i guest post again!

Friday, August 5, 2011


i know this post is kinda random and unexpected, but i've been struggling with this all summer.
i asked some friends to define "beautiful" for me. these were there answers......
a guy said-"um, very good looking?? amazing in there own way?? is that the right answer??!"
a girl said-"nice, thoughtful, generous, etc..."
another guy said-"nice and stuff"
another girl said-"ummm pretty on the outside, sweet, kind on the inside"

then i asked God-
"Let your beauty not be external – the braiding of hair and wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes – but the inner person of the heart, the lasting beauty of a gentle and tranquil spirit, which is precious in God’s sight."

in other words, you dont need long hair, be super skinny, and wear hollister and aero. if you do, thats totally ok. whats really beautiful, is how you act.
who decided beauty is a barbie doll?
seriously. who decided you need to look like super-star barbie?
think about it.
ya know, we all want guys to like us. and no matter what you look like, theres not only one, but THOUSANDS that will. i'm not exaggerating. really. and ya know something else? one of those guys, is the one who made this universe. the one that chose every freckle on you.
why critisize.
i have a challenge for you. all of next week.....
every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror, and say your favorite beauty bible verse, and smile.
i've struggled with this all summer. and i'm sick of it.
your beautiful<3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

*tisk, tisk*

oh silly, devious cousin.
lesson learned. never say no to your younger cousin.
cause there devious.
Peter and i's wedding is not off, i just have a "sweet"  cousin, who enjoys torturing my computer with lies when i go to the bathroom.
sweet cousin.......
but, now that that (huge)mishaps outta the way, lets roll back into news :)
like i said, guest posting. i have some happy takers, who i'm jazzed to let post. but theres a teensy problem.
how do you let other people guest post?
sorry i'm so clueless. but if you could comment and lemme now, that'd be great :)
thanks. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

vaca ;)

welp, i is goin on vacation next week :)  ya see, my cousin is getting married on a beach in Delaware (since her fiance' proposed on a beach...aw.)   anyways, its gonna be way cool. no shoes required :) like i said, its in Delaware, which means i'll have a nine hour trip there.  we'll be living in a beach house for a week, (who knew there were beaches in Delaware....)  so i guess that should make up for it, but its whateves. :)  i'm really jazzed. :) the only exception, is that i have SIX OTHER SIBLINGS, A THOUSAND COUSINS(not really) AUNTS UNCLES.....
9 hours.
a week.
my journal and ipod will be my love for quite the while, huh? ;)  exciting stuff. :)
but, since im gonna be gone for a week, you know what that means??
*drum roll, then the drumstick breaks then they laugh, getta new one, and drum roll again....*
guest posting!! :D
yes, guest posting :)  if you wanna guest post, email me at        hgulley12@gmail.com        please :)  it'd be really cool :)  i'd love to see what yall'd (is "yall'd" a word.....?)   post :)  jazz :)
so yea :)  please help me out here :)  i'd enjoy it ever so much.
so, to end thy post.....
peter and i's wedding is no more.
*bited lip in anticipation*

*sigh* i know. its a long story....but, truth is....
theres someone else.
and so, the cliff-hanger. 
ta-ta ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


i know this may make me sound like a nerd, but for those of you new....
get used to it.
lol. seriously though, i am SO jazzed about my new followers!!
special thanks to these lovely galpals.....
samarah....thanks for following! i like your pic :)
Mary Susannah Raley....i like your name:)
Bethany Hannah Louise....i wrote your name in my fav color. thats right. feel special ;)
BETHMORROW...you are my tenth follower, so you get your name not only in caps, but two smileys, and this pic.....
    you lucky duck.... :) ;)

and last but most certainly not least....JesusChick. your name is super sweet-awesome :)  i am also a "chick" of Jesus. :)    (lol. that sounded weird.....)

so thank you all again :)  i wont be doing this for any more followers, (except for a soon-to-be contest maybe.....wink wink...)   so feel special :)  
this is a pretty short post, so i'm going to end it with a bee-a-you-tee-ful pic..... 
  oh how i envy lucy in this picture.......

ta ta :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

oh, joyous hours :)

i feel...happy :)
why? because the last few hours of this girls life have been pretty amazing :)
first, i'm engaged to the most wonderful narnian ever, (no offense alaw, Edmund's cool too ;)
then, chloe is not dead (which i feel is a pretty good thing...) i posted on Jocee's blog this morning, (feel free to check it out:) and, my personal favorite....
i now have 6 followers!!
you know what that means?
i have two more then i did last time!!
arent i smart? ;)
anyways, i'm pretty jazzed about this, so i'm gonna make a supercalifragilistic shout out to these lovely gal-pals :)
in order......
alaw, also know as mrs. Edmund ;)
thanks for joinin' girl :)  means a lot.
(oh. and this is for you.......)
      (ya see that alaw? he's lookin at you...;)

and now for our second special-rific friend....
monsmons :)
hola, :)  i dunno if your an obsessed Narnian or not, but its ok if your not :) (i would start getting use to these kinda post though....i can get very obsessive... ;) lol but, if you are, lemme know and you'll get a pic of these amazing high kings and queens--
  amazing, huh?

so yes :) thanks for followin' :)  i is jazzed :)