Tuesday, August 30, 2011

does a diary count?

welp, as usual, i was having no life and was on the computer forever today. which is pretty stupid. i mean, i only get two days off  of gymnastics.
foolish child i am.....
but, anyways, cant change the past, but i can fix the future, right?
so, moving lovingly along...
hannah was sad today :/  and she doesnt take to being sad quite easily :/  wanna hear my sad tale?
well your gonna hear it anyway.
so, as some may know, i have a most "lovely" dress-code at school. khaki pants, or black slacks.
polo shirt, white, black, crimson, or orange.
so, when we do get some freedom, (like today)  its very pressuring. i mean, ya gotta look at least a little jazzed up, right?
so yea. the reason for this, was because it was picture day!
picture days....ok. i guess. but my pictures are never to my standards. i know everyone says that.....but sometimes, ya gotta just face the facts. sometimes your common. but thats ok. (as long as its only on occasion....)
so yea. then i went to first period science. my least favoite :/  we had a sub today, and she was fierce.  im talkin scare-eeeeeee.
but i understand. maybe she just hadda bad day.......?
next i had band. which is always fun :)  i currently play the flute, but am hoping to switch to low brass. much amazing-er :)
3rd period history...fav class :)  but pretty boring today.
8th grade language arts?  more like third grade. my teachers nice, but.....i think she'd be better off a 3rd grade teacher. :/

LUNCH! eeps! my fav. all my friends are there! yays :)  teasing about a CERTAIN PERSON I MAY HAVE NOTICED occurs quite a bit, but.............. yea.
dont judge me.
the rest is just blahblahs....(which i guess everything else was too.....sorries)

sorry that was pretty boring. but i had nothing to post with my boring 8th grade life :/ 
what about you all? how was YOUR school day? fab? or....not fab.......(AKA mine)
ta-ta ;)

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JesusChick said...

I would say my school days are fab right now but recently, I got sick and yeaaaahhh...not fun. Oh yeah, I'm homeschooled so I didn't get any sick days for being under the weather ;)