Thursday, August 11, 2011

~ Guest Post~ OMG! 50TH POST!

Hey guys!!! I just realized that I posted hannah's 50th post!!! da da dada!

Everybody needs to party! I remember when Hannah texted me and told me to look at this blog, I made one that day too but mine isnt very populair, and I dont post very much. But i love to post on hannahs blog! Hannah is still on vacation, and doesnt know that this happened, she will be very happy when she comes back, especially if everyone who reads this comments and says what they love most about her blog, that would make her day! So please do! I migh tnot be about to post tomorrow, im going out of town so im depending on you guys to comment!!!


alaw said...

Yay! I love how Hannah welcomed me to her blog and called me "Mrs. Edmund." I love her Narnia posts and her backround! She so needs more followers!

JesusChick said...

I love the randomness that reminds me a lot of myself ;) I love her obsession with Narnia ('Nuf said ;) )

Beth said...

I her querkyness and her odd sense of humor!