Sunday, August 28, 2011


take a risk
take a chance.
make a change, and

i love this song. see those words? its like someone stole my mind or something....
have you ever felt like this? that you could do something amazing, if only you stepped outta the darkness, and into the light? or that whenever your trying to speak out, you feel like no one can hear you? no matter how hard you try....
i feel like this a lot. ecspecially with a house of nine people. but even if your an only child, you still feel this way. i dunno what situation your in right now. who your family is, or how your treated. but if you ever feel like breakingaway, listen to the first lyric. last word.
if you pray, and its an honest prayer thats truly in need, it'll be answered. and things'll get better.
you can do big things. you just got step outta the darkness, and into the light,

take a risk.
take a chance.
make a change.
and breakaway


JesusChick said...

I choke up everytime I hear that song! Its one of my favorite parts in the Princess Diaries movie :P

Alyianna said...

Hey I've heard this song before! It's pretty good. :)