Sunday, August 14, 2011


ok, so i posted my post, and i almost threw up in my mouth a little.
the post was WEAK sista.
i may be tired, but seriously? thats just sad.
so i came to post about Allison :)  because she posted this whole week and she deserves it :)
she's pretty cool.
no. just kidding.
she's AMAZING :)
some things about ally-son---
when i think of allison, i think of a lot of things. she has so many good qualities. but my favorite, would probably have to be her friendship.
allisons the kind of person who's with you through thick and thin. she always makes you feel good. even when you think you cant go on any longer. seriously. she throws parties, is very thoughtful of her friends, she always puts us before herself-its amazing! she just makes you feel special.
and i wanna thank her for that :)
another thing about allison, is that she's a good person. she's very sweet. she's polite, even if your a jerk to her. she's kind, and considerate, and i admire that :)
also, allison is one-if not THE-smartest person our age i have ever met. really! this girl is scary smart. its like she was born with a calculator instead of a rattle!  and, she's good at sharing it :) whenever my smarticle particles arent being happy, allsions the first person i think of :)  she wont give up on anyone. no matter how long it takes to get it. (trust me. she's helped me.)
in other words, thanks to this chick, i'm going into eigth grade. ;)
more about ally-son. this girl is FUNNY. she always makes me laugh, and everyone around her. her facial expressions about things make me wanna die laughing. i remember watching Disney Channel with her, and it was showing that "pass the plate" thing, and it was talking about a giant banana, (inside joke) i looked at her, and her face made me practically pee my pants!  the inside jokes we share-priceless.
she's hilarious!
 Allisons also very responsible, and trust worthy. i'd trust her with anything. she'd protect it if her life depended on it :)
Ally-son, ally-son, ally-son. :)  she's super kind :)  she never thinks of herself. she's so un-selfish! she let me have some of her grape-pop. (i was happy my finger didnt get taken off....)

but you know something else about allison? she's HUMBLE. :)  all this stuff....its written all over her. but she wont just tell you. she's SO humble. she never brags, and she hates talking about herself.

which is why she deserves this post :)
(and this turquoise penguin-)
love you girl (less then three)

ta-ta :)


SwedishFish said...

oh wow hannah, you have more to tell about me than i do!

Thanks :)

JesusChick said...

AH! ITS A PENGUIN! Oh how I love penguins :P

You're each so lucky to have friends like each other :)

alaw said...

Hooray for Allison!

Okay that sounded extremely cheesy... :(

SwedishFish said...

^^ haha thank you!