Wednesday, August 3, 2011

vaca ;)

welp, i is goin on vacation next week :)  ya see, my cousin is getting married on a beach in Delaware (since her fiance' proposed on a   anyways, its gonna be way cool. no shoes required :) like i said, its in Delaware, which means i'll have a nine hour trip there.  we'll be living in a beach house for a week, (who knew there were beaches in Delaware....)  so i guess that should make up for it, but its whateves. :)  i'm really jazzed. :) the only exception, is that i have SIX OTHER SIBLINGS, A THOUSAND COUSINS(not really) AUNTS UNCLES.....
9 hours.
a week.
my journal and ipod will be my love for quite the while, huh? ;)  exciting stuff. :)
but, since im gonna be gone for a week, you know what that means??
*drum roll, then the drumstick breaks then they laugh, getta new one, and drum roll again....*
guest posting!! :D
yes, guest posting :)  if you wanna guest post, email me at        please :)  it'd be really cool :)  i'd love to see what yall'd (is "yall'd" a word.....?)   post :)  jazz :)
so yea :)  please help me out here :)  i'd enjoy it ever so much.
so, to end thy post.....
peter and i's wedding is no more.
*bited lip in anticipation*

*sigh* i know. its a long story....but, truth is....
theres someone else.
and so, the cliff-hanger. 
ta-ta ;)


Beth said...

OOoooH Have a great-tastic time!
I have emailed you!

Beth said...

Who is the "someone else" tell me pleeeeeeease!!!!

JesusChick said...

I'd love to guest post! I'll email you ;)

Also, I side with Beth, who's the "someone else"?!