lil' ol' me...

im the girl who...
loves God with all her heart
the girl who...
thinks oranges taste gross but is nearly obsessed with orange juice...
the girl who
looks on the bright side :)
think lightening bugs are just the coolest things
i am that girl who
sings in wal mart until she realizes shes singing in wal mart. then blushes and laughs at herself
that girl who
loves rain so much. Storms make her day. when the power goes out....awesome.
the girl who's
sorry that her biggest worry is no longer where her purple crayon went
that girl who
is obsessed with gummy bears.
         but im also the girl who...
  trips every three seconds and turns around to see nothing but open air
        the girl who questions how go is the opposite of stop.
 sings in the shower and practically kills her little brother she caught recording it
                    smiles at being told shes weird
                    isnt patient
tries her best at everything she does but most likely will fail is it has to do with patience
                        doesnt like to admit her faulties...
but i'm also the girl....
who doesnt care.  :)