Saturday, July 30, 2011

sighs, sorrows, and my latest engagment

chloe still hasn't txted me back yet.
you see that? i italisized that. and that means buissness in the blogging world.
truthfully, i'm seriously freaking out. like, i wanted to go walk to her house, but my mom wouldnt let me. its awful. i mean seriously. i havent contacted my bestie in over FOUR DAYS.
FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
so chloe. please talk to me. or lemme know your alive. your wanted poster is up below, (hahaha. up below. that didn't make sense....)  and i is still searching. i can only pray Voldemort hasn't caught you...
so, moving lovingly along, that was pretty sorrow-ful, but my real sorrow, was that.......
oh. that was it.
*grunts and starightens imaginary bowler hat*
moving--once again---lovingly along......
now. for all of you who have read Jocee's blog, (who i shall be guest posting on monday!!! yays!)
you may start thinking that i'm copying her. well. you know what I THINK?!
*coughs fakely but believably*
i am now O-fffically in love with.......
*sighs to dreamily to say his name*
aww. aint his "serious" face  just so dang lovable?!
what has created this engagment, you ask?
well he asked of course.
but why? because i watched Prince Caspian yesterday, and....i started writing the sorry letter to Jocee....
so amazzing......
so, yea. you are all invited to be my lovely bridesmaides, along with chloe, (IF SHES STILL ALIVE)  Lucy, and Suzanne. it shall be quite joyous dont you think? aslan will be there, and Peter here has been helping me with my accent ;)

*sigh* :)  :) :)

so enough with reality. lets drift back into dreams.......
;) lol.

Friday, July 29, 2011

i heart

wow, i havent posted in, like, forever!
almost four whole days.........
but that aside, i have been quite the busy bee lately. but, i always have time for my besties, and was therefore txting Chloe, and
she didnt txt back.
i know right? its weird.
so, being the annoying but good friend i am, i txted ms. Chloe over 30 times and called her twice.
sadly, i had no response. :/
so. whats the point of this sorry post you ask? well, im making a wanted poster for chloe. :) so, if found, please comment ;)  (hahaha. im so clever.....)
anyways, here ya are.....

so yes. :) tiz my post. tiz my hope ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beautiful people part one :)

ok, so i've always wanted to write, write??
moving right along....
anyways, i saw that lots o' bloggers were doin this beautiful people thing, right? so i decided to check it out.
and its this mega-cool amazing idea of a way to design your characters! (check it out here! its awesome...)
i decided to design.....

meet.......ALEX *MARIE* CARR!!
(heres a visual for ya.....)
heres some Q&A you may wanna know about her.......
  1. What is your characters full name? Alex Marie Carr
  2. Does his/her name of a special meaning? Her name--Alex--was engraved on a locket she had when she was first born. the people who adopted her at age 3 stuck with it.
  3. Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? shes not a neat freak. but can not STAND being messy. she had her own kinda messy. her rooms "messy" but she knows where everything is.
  4. Does he/she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (more importantly, does he/she actually have friends?) Alex is a quick thinker and owns a well-loved journal, but shes an excellent judge of character. she can make friends in a snap. but she mainly trust her best friends Chloe and Michelle.
  5. Is there something he/she is afraid of?Alex is a like a warrior, but better. she isnt afraid of anything. except that her loved ones may get hurt. also, she has a strange fear of water. she has no idea why, but she refuses going under.
  6. Does he/she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? shes a dreamer all right. but shes good at hiding it. and shes an amazing singer. but no one has ever heard her sing before. (she has no sense of rythem)
  7. What is his/her favorite book? (or genre of book) Fantasy. any kind.
  8. Who is his/her favorite author and/or someone that inspires him/her? Jesus.
  9. Favorite flavor of ice cream? plain vanilla.
  10. Favorite season of the year? Fall. it just and she likes it that way.

    welp, here's some o'  her facts. (shes 14 by the way)  i'll do the other characters later. but heres the titile of the book im writing that she'll be in is called--  Once Upon Forever
    lovely, isnt it? :)
    hope you enjoyed it!  comment on what you think!

music---pretty dang sweet, huh?

i love music. so much. some lyrics make you cry. some mad. some brighten your day. 
but you know the best kinda lyrics?
the kind that speak to you. makes you realize important things.
like just now. i was listening to if i die young, and it was 

earlier today, i was a total jerk (like most days) to my sibs. at gymnastics i saw the cutest newborns ever. and they made me think to myself. these babies are perfect. pure.
wish i was like that.
i promised myself id be like that again.
then i got home and was a brat.
but what if i were to die. say...right after this post?
that'd be awful!
i dont want people to be like, "yea. that girl was an awful sister. not to great of a daughter, probably" 
thats not what i want.
i want people to be like, "wow. shes gone. the girl who always looked out for someone before herself. the girl who loved God. the girl who was kind. to anyone...
ima really miss her"

so even when things seem bad-- even when the guy of your dreams doesnt like you the way you want him too....
remember.....he may not like you. but Jesus thinks your to DIE for.
God gave us this life not to worry about guys. not to buy special expensive clothes that arent even comfortable. not for you too be bossy. to discourage people. to be a jerk. to hide weather your a God-girl or not.
but to live it. 
and live it right.
just a late epiphany.
oh. and im not perfect. never will be.
but i have a lifetime to try.
ta ta :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

do i not have the besterest friends, or what?

i is back! in good ol' town. (sorry. web-surfin' safety!)
but anyways, these post made me laugh and just shake my head at the most lovable stupidity of my best friends.
but, then i came upon allisons post on how she wasnt good enough to get an award, but
i was merely waiting for the right time....
which, as you may have now ;)

(lol. thats for you Michelle ;)
but this is her actual special-rific award................................

:) luv you!!!!

and now allison. shes just....allison. shes humble, understanding, and chalk full of advice.
love you girl!!  
 and yes, its her fav color, turquoise. oh. and heres you inside joke....

oh science class.......

thanks to you both, and chloe too. i love you more then harry potter, (YES. THAT MUCH) but she gotta ribbon already, so now that the fun is over, lets get to

THE fun ;)

it was the best week of my life. theres just too much to say!!!
i totally changed. it was the experience of a life time. 
~i murdered. (lol. just a fish, and it was an accident, and i am TERRIBLY sorry, and, outta respect, named him Fred.)
~i caught a ninjas panty hose
~i suffered from fly bites
~a caterpillar went up my shorts, and a spider down my shirt
~i went to Africa
~i went tubing
~i fell in love
~i swallowed a bug
~i kicked a baby squirrel
~i found a snake in my boot
~i touched a cloud
~i saw Jesus
~i kissed a rock
~i suffered from stupid-itis
~i got the nickname "guppy"
~i nearly drowned
~i was proclaimed ninja of Narnia of THE CENTURY
~i shot arrows
~i sailed a sailboat and was pirated
those are one or two sweet-awesome things, but you know what was the best?
but that was a given, huh?
but it was just...amazing! i LOVED it! Camp Patmos, i LOVE YOU :)

 i dont wanna let go.
but i have to.
it just taught me so much. y
but i only listed a COUPLE THINGS. i didnt even tell you about breaking my laugh box.
but theres just to much. if you want something in detail, comment. i love comments so much. they make my day :)
but i...cant talk anymore.
to tired.
so whipped.
pooped out.
( and oh yea,  i ate P.O.O.P) 
ta ta for now loves :)  you officially have a "new" blogger :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

~Guest post~ Miss ya chicka!! ;) Know who I am yet??

Hey hey! So none of you know me, well maybe a few of you do. But I've never posted on a blog before, so cool!!! Well time to introduce myself I guess....I am Michelle! :) I'm Hannah's BFF in the land of potatoes. I'm the pickle-eating( I know I might be weird;), country-talkin', loves-her-friends, secret-keepin', music-lovin' girl! I had to post, I couldn't resist!
Ok, so to my original quest thingy, dear Hannah, Did you catch on when you heard the word "Chicka"?? You better of girl! And yes, I AM in a good mood. I'm so happy I'm posting. This is soooooo cool! Never done this before. But you might be wonder how and why I am posting on your blog. But I shall answer both these questions. How, Thank Allison, Allison, thank you! Your turn Hannah. :) Why, because I love ya! (Not in the weird way, the sister way) Also, I felt bad for not answerin' your e-mail quicker so I hope this makes up for it:) Busy me you know? :)
Well chicka, text me, e-mail me, call me, whatever you can or want to do. :) LULASA!!! (No one shall no what I mean by this besides my BFF:) LATER PEOPLE OF HANNAH'S BLOG!!! Sorry if you didn't like this. :) Hehe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

-guest post- SURPRIZE HANNAH! :D

Hey guys its me Allison! yea i know it wasent my day but hannah seemed to be bummed that nobody would be posting today, and i had access to a computer so here i am! Today i had my dance competition and we didnt do the greatest. I did smile the WHOLE time though! that has to get SOME points right? well they got held back 4 HOURS! so instead of dancing around 3 or so, i danced around 7. think of how borning it is sitting there in a SWEATER, JEANS, AND TSHIRT in the middle of july waiting to go on stage! lol! I ended up looking for fishes in the pond. there was little ponds in the place! fancy huh? ;) Well when we were dancing i warned everyone that this girl HAD to get through! but first they lined up at the wrong curtain and then they wouldnt let her through and we were all screaming backstage, and all this happened in 5 seconds..... we work fast. Well see ya!!

!guest post! how to: control your churning inner rage! (by chloe)

you all know it1 that burning flame that courses through your veins and slowly burns away at your sanity.... yes! that my friend, is your inner rage! now for some people (guilty!) controlling it is like controlling a 2 year ol at the sight of her 'molly pees-a-lot' (or whatever it's called) doll. thats code for: it be hard.
  some people say to watch cheerful movies or shows or whatever, but (and this is just an example) if your boyfriend just dumped you for your best friend, wouldnt it make you angrier to watch hannah montana get the guy once again? of course! you'd probably punch the tv and proceed to pee on it and set it ablaze! anyways, when your mad, just let out your anger doing something that wont get you sharing a prison cell with 'Knife' (you'll never guess what he got in for!) so mercilessly attack a pillow, burn pictures, or furiously excersise (thats what i do!) and hannah, sorry for all the violence references! can't stop the nature of a person!

make peace.

have love.

dont end up like my buddy, Knife. XD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


hey, it's chloe, hannah's bud, sister from another mister, etc.... sending a message on the greatness that is rattails and legwarmers. me and debra (who's hannah's bud too) were hanging, and we decided to bring out our crochet hooks. (yeah we crochet, WHAT OF IT?!) and i began
on leg warmers, (goin for that 80's dancer in me ;) and debra began with a chinese mustache. you know, those really long and skinny staches ninja masters always sport. anyways, that turne into a dumbledore beard, which she put backwards on my head, and braided it.
  so now it's a mega-fancy rattail (by the way, this is A braided rattail, not THE braided rattail) anyways, im starting to ramble (i do that often) so spread the word, chloe bond is bringing legwarmers and rattails BACK!

so make peace.

have love.

sport the oh-so-stylish rattail today!

Monday, July 18, 2011

~Guest Post~ I see how it is Han ha.

Heyy! Im Allison! Hannah is one of my besties! But i was searching through the site to figure out what i should post..... and came upon a rat. I see how it is hannah! Im not good enough to get an award?? I mean there are so many things i could get an award for, too many to list. but nope! lol :) nah i dont care that much, though I would be happy if i did, so im giving myself an award... THE ABSOLUTLEY OFFCIAL BEST FRIEND AWARD!! yup and here it is....

....and yea I know it is a rasberry :) lol, You guys should check out my blog I think i might make a new one cuz its kinda boring but here it is.... Ill try to make it more exciting but please give your opinions!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

best thing ever and a wittle announcment

ok, when am i gonna stop talkin baby talk?!
teensy weensy?
eh. who cares ;)
so. first thing first. (guess thats a given...)  
*clears throat*
sorry bout that, but i would like to give this bee-a-u-tee-ful animated medal
  (now i know your all jealous, but this is chloes moment....)

to my bestie with THE BEST blog on the web....
check it out, and you WILL be a happy camper.
a VERY happy camper.

so yes. congrats to Chloe Eve Bond :) :)
(please no stalking)
moving right along....
guest posting. My bestie Allison will be posting on monday, and Chloe Tuesday and Thursday :)
sadly, we will have to suffer on Wednesday and Friday (maybe saturday) for i havent a clue how to let non-google members post. (so sorry!!)
hope ya'll enjoy them :) i'm sure they'll be amazing no matter how odd they'll probably be ;)
(love you guys!!!)
missing you all...!
good bye.
later alligator.
see ya round.
ta-ta :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

epiffanies and a teensy weensy question :)

welp, i guess the you can tell by my title, that i had an epiffany and a lil' question :)
                                                                       *cheesy smile*

epiffany-- i still have a day and a half before i go! no sense in saying my goodbyes yet :) i can still soak in my glory for a few more hours :) i'll even post tommorow, and maybe again today :) we'll see :)
now for thy question :) 
ok, its not very teensy weensy, i just wanted to say it, but a questions a question, right?;)
so. on we go then....
my question is more like a suggested favor :) will anyone please help guest post while i'm gone? i said it a little yesterday, but this'll have more detail :)  just email me at  and tell me you'd like to guest post. you can post anything just tell me by 9:00 sunday night :) you can post on anything! you would getta little surprise, and i would be sooo happy :) whats better then a happy hannah?
dont answer that.
so yea, you'd really be helping me out :)
pretty pretty please? with a cherry on top?
 you know you waaaaant toooooo...

Friday, July 15, 2011

oh gumballs...

*sigh* i'm going to camp monday...
am i excited?
of course. i'm jazzed, really!
but i'm also really nervous. :/
there'll be SO many people! and i wont know even one!
*sigh* my headphones'll be my best friend for a whole week...
but lets look on the bright side! its a christian camp, so there'll be some nice people there, right?
maybe i'll make a good friend!
*sigh* still nervous.
but, blessed lil' me does have some sweet-awesome amazing friends. and i know they'll come through for me :) 
they'll text, send letters, or just think of me. i know they will...
there just awesome like that :) 
i hope this camp is everything i think it is. or what i've been told. theres not much i need to bring and that actually makes me nervous. i dunno why. what if they have, or do something i dont like? 
*sigh*  like i said. headphones.
but, there is 15-30 minutes each day you get to yourself. (or with your cabin mates) 
so i can text, write, pray...anything. i doubt they'd have a computer, or i would blog. :)
(speaking of which, if anyone wants to guess post, please email me!( i'd love to see it!;)
(i sigh a lot.....)
hope it works out :)  please pray! :)
camp patmos, here i come. should be quite the ride. :/
but i'll stay positive. :) i'll...

just keep swimming. (;

ta-ta my friends!  you shall be missed :')

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

selfish confessions

you know, i'm a really blessed girl. i have 6 siblings and 2 parents who would do anything for me.
i have a nice house.
i'm fed well.
were not rich, but we always do something fun.
i have soft clothes on my back every day.
and i know God.
sounds perfect, right?
i'm so blessed.
and it makes me SO mad.
its not fair!
here i am, complaining about having spaghetti--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about not having my own room--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about not being as pretty to the world as other girls--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about having to many people in my house, complaining about not being as tight with God as other bloggers---again.
i know this makes me sound like a jerk, but we've all complained before, right?
then, theres that girl who's starving.
with no home.
with a missing limb.
with no-one to look after her and love her, but having to care for her little brother. who's also starving.
                             oh. and she doesnt know God. so she feels hopeless.
              but i know that God smiles on her. i know shes a better person then i am. inside and out.
                              Confession:  I. AM. SO. SELFISH.

God totally just threw this at me.
but i know its so true.
and now, i'm gonna start having a different perspective at my house.
time to jazz things up.
they wont even see it coming...
care to join me?

:) ta-ta.


"title for this post"

ya know, i'm going to camp in a few days...
you know how i said i wasnt nervous?
changed. my mind.
but, i promised you guys i'd stay positive so...
*sigh* sorry, this post seems kinda upsetting, so lets turn it to some pics? :)
enjoy ;)

                     isnt this picture so lovely looking?
                              (yes. yes it is...)

       now thats just adorable...

  i <3 vintage!

   'nuff said....

  this monsters lovely ensemble is designed for both cookie and cupcake lovers...

            they make pink lemons.....?

   i used this so much in 5th grade...(i love puns...;)

now what better way to end a post then with a new obsession...

Winnie the Pooh! (<3)
you know you miss 'em...

so, that concludes thy post so...
in the words of christopher robins best bear...

ta ta for now! ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


cant be.
ooh! i know! maybe my blog is actually a little snazzy! ;)

i got another follower! two followers in one day?! is that even possible?!  haha :)
but big shoutout to my third follower...
this particular gal pal is actually one of my best friends at school :) shes nice, funny, a braniac, and pretty dang sweet :)
welcome buddy :) like i told christamoran, comment, email, whateves. you've heard the drill ;)

('s a lil' somethin to jazz up the post ;)...(this is kinda from the cupcake dictionary...legendary Jocee stuff:)

i'd like to be here....

                        doing this...

yes. id like to be on a london street at night coloring in a princess coloring book.
ta-ta! ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

hey hey! ;)

i. now have...2...followers....
yay! :D (*squelas like a 3 year old about to get ice cream truck ice cream*)
this sweet-awesome gal-pal has graced our presence with her wonderful name....
welcome :)  i hope you'll like it here at my lil' old blog :) its a work in progress, but you know :)
if you have anything you wanna let me know, or have any suggestions, comment or look at my "about me" tab and email me :) 
hope ya like it! ;)

(oh. and just a little something to jazz up the post...)

i love gummy bears....
especially smiley ones...
(and apparently lakes...?)
ta-ta! :)

another stop on the happy train...

now this girls positive ;)... (check it out before you read the rest of the post please)

oh dear jessica...if only i could dance on my bathroom sink in a one piece yellow flower pjama thing singing how awesome my life was...
if only
or can i? ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

countdown....eeep! XD

ok, so ya know how earlier i didnt know what to post? well i knew there was something, i just couldnt remember it! but yes. i think you may have guessed it...
i remembered.
what i wanted to post was a sorta count-down thingy :)  ya see, i'm going to camp next week and i am sooo jazzed!!  (yes. i just said jazzed) i've never gone to camp before, and i won't know anyone there. so yea, i admit that at first i was really nervous. but i looked at the schedule, and the first thing on the first day...was ninja num-nums...
enough said.
the camp is called "Camp Patmos" and its a camp where (at least i've heard) is totally sweet-awesome! theres a lake, cabins, paint ball, competitions, bible studies, playful rivalries, and, well, everything. ask Google for the address for Patmos and look at the youth schedule. then you will fully understand my excitement...:)
so as of now...SEVEN DAYS.
 so yea. exciting stuff :)  hopefully i'll make some new friends, cause like i said before, i dunno anyone there...
but i'm a people-person. so it should work out :)
tell ya more about it tomorrow. its only kinda/sorta/a little bit/exactly 10:00-ish
haha :)  ta-ta! 

just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming....

i watched Finding Nemo the other day, and now whenever i feel down, Dori just comes to mind...

(she's always so energetic and happy:)

  anyways, thats not really the subject of my post. what its really about, is swimming lessons.
dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
but, thank fully, i'll be teaching swimming lessons.
not really teaching, (considering im only 13) but more like exampl-ing. there'll be the main teacher, then i'll just show little 2 year olds that it is not as scary as they think to go under water :)
normally, i should be payed 30 bucks. but, its just gonna pay off for my younger siblings classes. which is ok. (i mean, who wouldnt want 30 bucks? but eh, i'll participate to the fam ;)
this is my first time "explain-er-ing", so please pray i don't drown in the 2 foot pool ;)
(oh, and sorry this is so short and not to interesting, buti didnt know what to post, and i thought i should since a didnt yesterday...)
oh well :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

be happy :)

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
                    So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't
                                     and believe that everything happens for a reason
If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. 
                                       Nobody said it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.


Let's be happy with our lives.... a lot of people find that hard because their so afraid of what others might think! But God knows we are beautiful! Isn't that all that matters??? Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight. Some people think life can be a burden... and He gave it to you, because he KNOWS you can handle it. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, smile when your sad, love what you've got, and always remember what you had. People change and things go wrong... but always remember: Life goes on.

  i just read this amazing guest post by Destiny at Cupcake Dictionary. it made so much perfect sense to me at the moment, i just had to share it. so...voila. :)  i hope you liked it...
cause i know i did. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i take "i take it back" back. :)

i'm all better.
my friends my bestie again.
God is awesome.
i apologize for these odd messages...
thanks :)
oh. and one more thing....
"So keep your head up high and dust off your shoulders
It's alright, no, it's not over
Love is here, it came to dry up all your tears
Oh, can you feel it
Gotta believe it, gotta see it
By your side in the middle of the night
So keep your head up high and the dust off your shoulders
It's alright, no it's not over"

better :)

i take it back

im crying.
but trying to stay positive. like i said.
pray for me. please.
im sorry this is such a sorry message. but i need some prayers. please.

i feel good. (na-na-na-na-na) i knew that i would now...(na-na-na-na-na) ...

actually, only that first parts true. i didnt know id feel like i am at this moment earlier today. but now thats its here... i dont wanna let it go.
i feel good.
its raining, (my absoloute favorite weather)  i just had some ice-cream, my room is the perfect temperature, its clean, i just took a much-needed bath, (usually take showers, but you know) my best friend and i just had a sleepover and watched amazing movies, just had lunch, and i found out i have a crush on someone. (TOP SECRET. DONT ASK.)  but it just feels...i dunno...right.
i like it though. :)  i could get used to it...
but...*sigh*  its not always like that, is it?
ya know, we dont always have the choice to making our day be perfect. sometimes it'll rain on your birthday. sometimes your friend will cancel something. but you know what? we can change how we look at it. so it rained on your what? go dance in the rain! so your friend what? write them a funny letter! when they get it, i know youd be together before the weeks out.  and i know we've all heard it, but...
when life gives you can make lemonade :)
so, as of about now, im gonna stop bein a "negative nancy." a "party pooper." a NEGATRON. im gonna stay positive. no matter what :)
or at least try ;)
ta-ta for now my friends :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a not-so-brief intermission

(i guess you could call it an epiffany ;)
anywho, i decided im not doing my blog challenge.
*hangs head in shame*
but to me, it got kinda boring. (you know you thought so too...) what made me decide this? welp, i was reading my besties blog (          CHECK THIS OUT. ITS THE COOLEST THING SINCE OREOS IN MILK. (or in chloes version, "DA BOMB DIGGIDY'))
anyway, when i was reading it, i gotta whole new view of blogging. she blogs all "whateves" and im all "ewwwwie". so. this epiffany, (MS. CRITISISM OVER HERE...*cough cough CHLOE*) made me wanna do it like her. so. (i say "so." a lot....?)  startin tomorrow, im gonna be like CHLOE EVE PROTECTER OF NARNIA, SUCKER FOR ROMANCE, AND AN ALL-AROUND SO-NOT NEGATRON.
until tomorrow my...(ok, no one reads this (YET) so im just gonna say "friend(s)) ;)
   (by the way, this is my image of chloe...)
ta-ta again! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a littile mix-up...i published this on the third, and accidently erased it. so here it is again. to see what i DID post today, scroll down. SORRY!

welp, i was blog surfing again (from my sad lonely life ;)  and almost everyone did this blog challenge in feburary, right? ok, so i know its JULY, but hey. i break rules. ;)  its a month thingy and your about to read my very first one :)
DAY ONE: a favorite song
are you KIDDING me? music and me are like this. *crosses fingers*  just ONE song? aww! *whines like 3 year old who doesnt get the ice-cream truck ice-cream when it passes her house*
*sigh*  alright, since i cant just pick ONE, im gonna say the latest one. which would be...
                   *drum roll* (chloe please dont murder me...)
One Time, by Justin Bieber.

ok, i know what your thinking. (or at least what Chloe's thinking)   "hannah, he sings like a girl, girls throw themselves at him, and hes so...blech"
but whats not to like? hes talented, his musics catchy and upbeat, he's a good person who happens to be a Christian...

and hey...he IS pretty cute. ;)
ta-ta for now! :)

Day 3: a favorite book

now a favorite book?! come on...*grumbles*
huh. fine.
well, obviously, i love books, but this time i can actually pick a favorite.
The Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins
ok, that picture is huge, but i liked it, so...voila.
this book is actually the first of a series. the series is three books long, but the first one is my fav. (havent actually read the third one yet though. *guilty grin*)  anywho, this book is about Katniss Everdeen, the girl from district twelve. this book kinda takes plave in the furture. where there is the capitol.....the rich, affords everything and can do whatever we want place, and what was thirteen districts..... (there was an uprising in district 13 and so...yes. no more district thirteen)  the districts.....poor, die from starvation and the capitol, and not-wanting-to-be-but-must-or-else-they-and-their-families-are-dead-from-the-capitol particpators in....The Hunger Games. the hunger games happens each year where two people-a boy and girl-from each district, are drawn from a bowl-type-thing and are sent into a random habitat. freezing, frying, or most likely, killed by each other. only one person may remain. But in this case, Prim Everdeen, 12 year old from district 12, is chosen. but her sister, Katniss Everdeen, steps in to take her place. Where she ends up in a whole world of trouble...literally. 
(sorry that explanation was awful and long. im not a very good explainer...)
its an AMAZING book. obviously my favorite, and i hope you'll check it out :)
ta-ta for now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Two: a favorite movie

are you kidding me? first you expect me to pick a favorite book, now a movie?! cruel world...
well, im a movie lover and therefore dont really have a favorite movie. but, there is one thats been my favorite for the past few weeks and it is....
                                                               *drum roll*

can't go wrong with the classic Disneys, huh?
what i like about Cars is that its not only funny (like every good movie should be) but its so....clean. It doesnt have anything to do with drugs, sex, or  dressing in little not-even-clothes. It has a cute little romance between McQueen and Sally, but nothing major. its funny, cute, has a good story, and its just...a good movie. Classic and funny. now thats my style.
CARS 2 just came out and i REALLY wanna see it. my best friend Chloe said it was amazing so...*crosses fingers*.
if you've seen it tell me about it, i NEED TO KNOW. 
ta-ta for now!

oh, wait. one more thing...
Mater: You know, I once knew this girl Doreen. Good-looking girl. Looked just like a Jaguar, only she was a truck! You know, I used to crash into her just so I could speak to her.
Lightning McQueen: What... are you talking about?
Mater: I dunno


Sunday, July 3, 2011

"title" :)

hey hey :)  ok, its been forever since my last post huh? like, what? like 4 days?
but i'll make up for it...eventually.  oh, and by the way, this post is adopted from Jocee's blog at the Cupcake Dictionary. (------------------------>) its just something random when i dunno what to post.  so. without further ado...

reading: The Hunger Games series  (lemme just say youll NEVER find anything this awesomely-amazing)
listening: One Time by Justin Bieber (*sigh* whats the coolest is that he's totally singing this to me ;)
drinking: water? :)
eating: gummy-bears (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
anticipating: fireworks later :)
loving: how this little bug in my room looks at me like im the weirdest thing :)
looking: at my dying computer battery!  gotta go!!
ta-ta for now :)