Friday, July 22, 2011

~Guest post~ Miss ya chicka!! ;) Know who I am yet??

Hey hey! So none of you know me, well maybe a few of you do. But I've never posted on a blog before, so cool!!! Well time to introduce myself I guess....I am Michelle! :) I'm Hannah's BFF in the land of potatoes. I'm the pickle-eating( I know I might be weird;), country-talkin', loves-her-friends, secret-keepin', music-lovin' girl! I had to post, I couldn't resist!
Ok, so to my original quest thingy, dear Hannah, Did you catch on when you heard the word "Chicka"?? You better of girl! And yes, I AM in a good mood. I'm so happy I'm posting. This is soooooo cool! Never done this before. But you might be wonder how and why I am posting on your blog. But I shall answer both these questions. How, Thank Allison, Allison, thank you! Your turn Hannah. :) Why, because I love ya! (Not in the weird way, the sister way) Also, I felt bad for not answerin' your e-mail quicker so I hope this makes up for it:) Busy me you know? :)
Well chicka, text me, e-mail me, call me, whatever you can or want to do. :) LULASA!!! (No one shall no what I mean by this besides my BFF:) LATER PEOPLE OF HANNAH'S BLOG!!! Sorry if you didn't like this. :) Hehe.

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