Tuesday, July 19, 2011


hey, it's chloe, hannah's bud, sister from another mister, etc.... sending a message on the greatness that is rattails and legwarmers. me and debra (who's hannah's bud too) were hanging, and we decided to bring out our crochet hooks. (yeah we crochet, WHAT OF IT?!) and i began
on leg warmers, (goin for that 80's dancer in me ;) and debra began with a chinese mustache. you know, those really long and skinny staches ninja masters always sport. anyways, that turne into a dumbledore beard, which she put backwards on my head, and braided it.
  so now it's a mega-fancy rattail (by the way, this is A braided rattail, not THE braided rattail) anyways, im starting to ramble (i do that often) so spread the word, chloe bond is bringing legwarmers and rattails BACK!

so make peace.

have love.

sport the oh-so-stylish rattail today!

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