Wednesday, July 20, 2011

-guest post- SURPRIZE HANNAH! :D

Hey guys its me Allison! yea i know it wasent my day but hannah seemed to be bummed that nobody would be posting today, and i had access to a computer so here i am! Today i had my dance competition and we didnt do the greatest. I did smile the WHOLE time though! that has to get SOME points right? well they got held back 4 HOURS! so instead of dancing around 3 or so, i danced around 7. think of how borning it is sitting there in a SWEATER, JEANS, AND TSHIRT in the middle of july waiting to go on stage! lol! I ended up looking for fishes in the pond. there was little ponds in the place! fancy huh? ;) Well when we were dancing i warned everyone that this girl HAD to get through! but first they lined up at the wrong curtain and then they wouldnt let her through and we were all screaming backstage, and all this happened in 5 seconds..... we work fast. Well see ya!!

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