Wednesday, July 13, 2011

selfish confessions

you know, i'm a really blessed girl. i have 6 siblings and 2 parents who would do anything for me.
i have a nice house.
i'm fed well.
were not rich, but we always do something fun.
i have soft clothes on my back every day.
and i know God.
sounds perfect, right?
i'm so blessed.
and it makes me SO mad.
its not fair!
here i am, complaining about having spaghetti--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about not having my own room--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about not being as pretty to the world as other girls--AGAIN.
here i am, complaining about having to many people in my house, complaining about not being as tight with God as other bloggers---again.
i know this makes me sound like a jerk, but we've all complained before, right?
then, theres that girl who's starving.
with no home.
with a missing limb.
with no-one to look after her and love her, but having to care for her little brother. who's also starving.
                             oh. and she doesnt know God. so she feels hopeless.
              but i know that God smiles on her. i know shes a better person then i am. inside and out.
                              Confession:  I. AM. SO. SELFISH.

God totally just threw this at me.
but i know its so true.
and now, i'm gonna start having a different perspective at my house.
time to jazz things up.
they wont even see it coming...
care to join me?

:) ta-ta.


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