Monday, July 18, 2011

~Guest Post~ I see how it is Han ha.

Heyy! Im Allison! Hannah is one of my besties! But i was searching through the site to figure out what i should post..... and came upon a rat. I see how it is hannah! Im not good enough to get an award?? I mean there are so many things i could get an award for, too many to list. but nope! lol :) nah i dont care that much, though I would be happy if i did, so im giving myself an award... THE ABSOLUTLEY OFFCIAL BEST FRIEND AWARD!! yup and here it is....

....and yea I know it is a rasberry :) lol, You guys should check out my blog I think i might make a new one cuz its kinda boring but here it is.... Ill try to make it more exciting but please give your opinions!

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