Tuesday, July 26, 2011

music---pretty dang sweet, huh?

i love music. so much. some lyrics make you cry. some mad. some brighten your day. 
but you know the best kinda lyrics?
the kind that speak to you. makes you realize important things.
like just now. i was listening to if i die young, and it was just....wow. 

earlier today, i was a total jerk (like most days) to my sibs. at gymnastics i saw the cutest newborns ever. and they made me think to myself. these babies are perfect. pure.
wish i was like that.
i promised myself id be like that again.
then i got home and was a brat.
but what if i were to die. say...right after this post?
that'd be awful!
i dont want people to be like, "yea. that girl was an awful sister. not to great of a daughter, probably" 
thats not what i want.
i want people to be like, "wow. shes gone. the girl who always looked out for someone before herself. the girl who loved God. the girl who was kind. to anyone...
ima really miss her"

so even when things seem bad-- even when the guy of your dreams doesnt like you the way you want him too....
remember.....he may not like you. but Jesus thinks your to DIE for.
God gave us this life not to worry about guys. not to buy special expensive clothes that arent even comfortable. not for you too be bossy. to discourage people. to be a jerk. to hide weather your a God-girl or not.
but to live it. 
and live it right.
just a late epiphany.
oh. and im not perfect. never will be.
but i have a lifetime to try.
ta ta :)

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