Friday, July 15, 2011

oh gumballs...

*sigh* i'm going to camp monday...
am i excited?
of course. i'm jazzed, really!
but i'm also really nervous. :/
there'll be SO many people! and i wont know even one!
*sigh* my headphones'll be my best friend for a whole week...
but lets look on the bright side! its a christian camp, so there'll be some nice people there, right?
maybe i'll make a good friend!
*sigh* still nervous.
but, blessed lil' me does have some sweet-awesome amazing friends. and i know they'll come through for me :) 
they'll text, send letters, or just think of me. i know they will...
there just awesome like that :) 
i hope this camp is everything i think it is. or what i've been told. theres not much i need to bring and that actually makes me nervous. i dunno why. what if they have, or do something i dont like? 
*sigh*  like i said. headphones.
but, there is 15-30 minutes each day you get to yourself. (or with your cabin mates) 
so i can text, write, pray...anything. i doubt they'd have a computer, or i would blog. :)
(speaking of which, if anyone wants to guess post, please email me!( i'd love to see it!;)
(i sigh a lot.....)
hope it works out :)  please pray! :)
camp patmos, here i come. should be quite the ride. :/
but i'll stay positive. :) i'll...

just keep swimming. (;

ta-ta my friends!  you shall be missed :')

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