Wednesday, July 20, 2011

!guest post! how to: control your churning inner rage! (by chloe)

you all know it1 that burning flame that courses through your veins and slowly burns away at your sanity.... yes! that my friend, is your inner rage! now for some people (guilty!) controlling it is like controlling a 2 year ol at the sight of her 'molly pees-a-lot' (or whatever it's called) doll. thats code for: it be hard.
  some people say to watch cheerful movies or shows or whatever, but (and this is just an example) if your boyfriend just dumped you for your best friend, wouldnt it make you angrier to watch hannah montana get the guy once again? of course! you'd probably punch the tv and proceed to pee on it and set it ablaze! anyways, when your mad, just let out your anger doing something that wont get you sharing a prison cell with 'Knife' (you'll never guess what he got in for!) so mercilessly attack a pillow, burn pictures, or furiously excersise (thats what i do!) and hannah, sorry for all the violence references! can't stop the nature of a person!

make peace.

have love.

dont end up like my buddy, Knife. XD

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