Thursday, August 4, 2011

*tisk, tisk*

oh silly, devious cousin.
lesson learned. never say no to your younger cousin.
cause there devious.
Peter and i's wedding is not off, i just have a "sweet"  cousin, who enjoys torturing my computer with lies when i go to the bathroom.
sweet cousin.......
but, now that that (huge)mishaps outta the way, lets roll back into news :)
like i said, guest posting. i have some happy takers, who i'm jazzed to let post. but theres a teensy problem.
how do you let other people guest post?
sorry i'm so clueless. but if you could comment and lemme now, that'd be great :)
thanks. :)

1 comment:

JesusChick said...

I think you have to let them become writers of the blog so that they can guest post but then again I am not sure.
Btw I emailed u about being a guest poster ;)