Tuesday, August 16, 2011


hey gal-pals. tiz me :)  before i gets into this hopefully liked post, i wanna say thanks to everyone who went and followed allison and i's blog :) made me feel all special-rific, and i do SO like feeling special-rific :)
anyways. on to the post.
this post is kinda weird, but so am i, so it should fit in, aye? ;)
this post is about the color GREEN. 
yes. GREEN.
i chose this color in "particular" for JesusChick, because i know its her favorite color, (cause im a ninja like that.) so i decided to do a whole post about
lets see....things that are wonderfully green....
grass is green!

i like grass because it tickles your feet. and, as we all know, fairy's keep grass this lovely green,

what else about green that i like, is that its fun to say. say it. greeeeeen. if you dont think about its meaning, it sounds weird! (greeeeeeen)
also, for those of you who remember Hey Arnold!, (man, i LOVED that show) one of the characters name's is Mr. Green.

he's a nice guy.
so yea.
hope you enjoyed this "green-friendly" post....

(haha. im so punny....)
ta-ta! ;) 



JesusChick said...

OMIGOSH! AAAAHHH! I luv you Hannah! You're totally special-rific ;) Thanks bunches! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I LOVE the new blog design! Freaking cute!

By the way, I know for next time how to use your dashboard--so, next time you need a guest poster, do not hesitate to let me know at my blog. I see every comment, so I'll be sure to see it. :)

~Jamie Joyce <3