Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~Guest Post~ Requested Post

Hey guys! Me again! MY day was awsome! My TOMS came and its like walking on a cloud!
    Well one of han ha's followers requested that i talk about Taylor Swift! Theres not exactly much that i know about here, even though she is my favorite singer (along with katy perry!). I know that she is always so nice to her fans. I love her hair too! If ther was any way that i could have her hair, it would be done by now. Did you know that after every consert she has a party that she calls a T-Party? She invites some of the audience members that catch her eye, so if you ever go to one be sure to dress fancey ;) When she was growing up, she acctually lived on a christmas tree farm! She even managed to teach herself to play gutair!! Thats impressive! See ya!


JesusChick said...

Taylor Swift is ah-maze-ing <3 My hair is actually like hers lol
TIP- If you have long hair like I do, see if you can do this to get the waves that she does. Wash you hair at night and once you have it brushed out, put it into 2 tight braids down your back. Just go to sleep like that. When you wake up in the morning, take them out and just run your fingers thru the bottom of ur hair to seperate it out. Warning- I don't use hairspray on it so it falls out sometimes, idk how well hairspray or gel would fair so its worth a shot!
Sorry for my insanely long comment :/

hannah :) said...

Wow! Thanks for telling me that! I never acctually thought about that! Im in the process of growing out my hair, so that will definatley be on my must-do list!

Thanks again!

alaw said...

Woah cool! Thanks for the info Hannah!