Sunday, August 7, 2011

~Guest Post~ Check this out!- TOMS

Hey guys, I'm Allison. I'm only one of Hannah's besties. I met hannah in 6th grade when we had 7th grade math together (yup were smarties). Hannah is one of the best friends ever! She is so nice, and always is. I try to be as nice as her but you know.... doesnt work that way haha. I am swedish, can speak the language, and go there as often as possible. I dance . Im in competition tap and also do two other dances. I occasionaly am on swim team also :D well you know enough about me!
     But back to what i wanted to post about! There is this new sensation that is becoming populair, and acctually helps people that are less fortunate. They are these fancy little shoes called TOMS. I ordered mine a few days ago. they look like this (and yes i know they arent all fancy looking but ill explain)...

When you buy a pair of these shoes they also send a brand new pair of them to a child in need. They are EXTREAMLY comfortable perhaps the most comfortable shoes ever! They also have arch support, and are flexable. All you have to do is go to and look at the whole selection. They have a better descriptaion there too. All reviews of them are telling about how fantastic they are! So if you need a new pair of shoes for school, these would be my pick! (i got this exact pair but in gray)

     So after that i wanted to say, never get into a fight with eight 8 and 9 year olds, because they WILL win, and you will get hurt. Yesterday i went to a pool party with my little brother and learned this lesson. They were smacking me in the face with pool noodles (which doesnt sound like it would hurt but it does!) and they dragged me to the pool and pushed me in.... it hurt. it still hurts! lol! they also then jumped in after me and tackled me. thought i would add that ;)

Bye bye till i guest post again!

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