Saturday, September 10, 2011

yays :)

guess what! :D  my bestie from the land of potatoes, totally just made a blog!!!!!!!!!!! :D she complimentd me on it, and i love her for that :) one of these days, i'll make a post just on you michelle, and it'll be 7 times this length :)
but anyways, please check out this blog. i know theres only one post, but i promise it'll be...promising? :) lolz! but seriously.
(i even made you these sweet handy instructions ;)  no need to thank me ;)
1.) click this lovely link :)
3.) recieve my virtual hug for following steps one and two :)

thank you so much. Michelle really deserves this. shes really open minded and i think a blog'll be perfect for her :)  as long as she speaks her mind, you will NOT get bored. :)
i promise :)
so happy for you michelle! :))))))   <333333333 lulasa girl :)  have fun with your blog! make it so you. (cause i love that girl ;)

ta-ta ;)


me:) said...

Omg, thank you Hannah SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! :))))) Lulasa!!!!

SwedishFish said...

Michelle, think about who this swedishfish is. Think really hard and you will figure it out ;)